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Privacy Policy

1. Handling personal information

  • Kasumigaseki Partners Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”), aware of its important duty to protect personal information, takes great care with the collection and handling of personal information of guests (hereafter, “Users”) using the FAV HOTEL official website (hereafter, “the Site”) in line with its Privacy Policy.
  • Collection of personal information

    • The Company obtains personal information appropriately and to the extent necessary for business. The Company collects the following personal information.
    • Reservation confirmations. Inquiries forms. Check-in cards. Information directly obtained from customers on application forms or inquiries such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, sex, and other matters required for transactions. Information obtained from those who have been authorized by customers such as applicants, introducers, mediation businesses, or business partners. Information obtained for managing the hiring of the Company’s employees.
  • Purpose of use of personal information

    • The Company will handle the personal information obtained from Users to the necessary extent necessary to achieve the following business goals, save when permitted by law or when the User so agrees.
    • (1) To contact the User to confirm reservations, etc.
    • (2) To provide services, products, and information
    • (3) For marketing activities for the Company or the Company group
    • (4) For expanding sales through means such as distributing free e-mail magazines or posting direct mail
    • (5) For analysis to improve services and products
    • (6) To send prizes or gifts to those who filled in questionnaires, entered contests, etc.
    • (7) To ensure compliance with conditions of use and requirements of the Company’s website and mobile site
    • (8) To protect and improve the services, etc. provided through our website and mobile site
    • (9) For buying/selling, leasing, planning, development, management and appraisal of real estate for accommodation facilities
    • (10) For the recruitment, selection and contact of persons applying for jobs at the Company or the Company group
    • (11) For employment management of the Company and the Company group
    • (12) To contact the information owner if necessary
    • (13) To provide personal information to a third party to the extent necessary for the purpose of use and with the consent of the information owner
    • (14) For purposes of use that are clearly stated or announced to the information owner separately
    • (15) To display registration information on Facebook when the User wishes to link with Facebook, an social media service operated by Facebook, Inc.
    • (16) To display registration information on Instagram when the user wishes to link with Instagram, a social media service operated by Instagram, Inc.
    • (17) To display registration information on Twitter when the user wishes to link with Twitter, a social media service operated by Twitter, Inc.
    • (18) For other purposes with the agreement of the information owner
    • If we need to use your information for other than the above, we will contact you in advance.
  • Provision of personal information to a third party

    • The Company will only provide personal information of Users to third parties in the following cases.
    • 1. With the agreement of the User.
    • 2. When providing in accordance with the law.
    • 3. When required to protect human life, prevent bodily injury, or protect assets, and when the agreement of the User cannot be obtained.
    • 4. When required particularly to improve public health or foster healthy children, and when the agreement of the User cannot be obtained.
    • 5. When providing personal data to organs, etc. of the state when cooperating with the implementation of work by said organs, etc. specified by law, when obtaining the permission of the information owner is likely to hamper the execution of this work.
    • 6. When required to carry out the legal duties of the Company and this Site.
    • 7. When required to protect the life, health, assets and other major interests of Users.
    • 8. When required for the protection of public interest or the exercise of authority based on law of a third party subject to the disclosure of this service or personal information.
    • 9. When the Company collects statistics on User attributes, analyzes them, and processes them to remove individual identifiers or similar (hereafter, “statistical materials”), and uses these to carry out work to develop new services. Additionally, when the Company provides statistical materials to business partners, etc.
    • 10. When required for the interests of a third party or another party that is the subject of personal information disclosure or this website within a scope that does not infringe on the interests of the User.
    • 11. When an application is made based on an order from a court, public prosecutor's office, or government agency, or when receiving a formal inquiry from government agencies such as the police based on the laws and regulations that determine investigative authority, or when an application is made based on Paragraph 2, Article 23 of the Attorney Act.
  • Outsourcing of the handling of personal information

    • The Company may outsource part of its work that involves the handling of personal information to a subcontractor. In this event, a subcontractor approved as able to handle personal information appropriately will be selected, and the clauses necessary to manage personal information, protect privacy, prevent the re-provision of this information, and other clauses to prevent the leakage of personal information shall be included in the consignment contract, as well as the appropriate management and appropriate monitoring of said work.

2. Other

  • About the use of attribute information, etc. from the use of Google Analytics

    • This site uses Google Analytics from Google, Inc. to measure its performance and improve its services. The “cookie” text files generated through this are used for analysis, but it is possible that in this case, some of the User’s information, such as IP address, may be collected by Google, Inc. This is only used for analyzing site usage, creating reports for the site administrators, and providing other services. Users are assumed, by their use of this site, to grant their permission for Google to process data in the above ways and for the above purposes.
    • *NB: Cookies can be rejected through changing your browser settings. However, this may prevent parts of the site from functioning.
  • About changes to the Privacy Policy

    • The Company may change all or part of its Privacy Policy. Major changes will be announced on the website.
  • Disclosure, correction, deletion, stoppage of use, etc. of personal data

    • If a User personally or through their agent requests the notification of purpose of use of, disclosure, correction, deletion, stoppage of use, etc. of saved personal data, the Company will confirm the required matters and then respond in writing within a reasonable period of time. The address to contact is as follows.
    • 100-0013 20F, Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Bldg., 3-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    • Kasumigaseki Partners Co., Ltd. Phone: 03-5510-7654
  • Site Policy

    • Recommended environment
    • This site is best viewed on the following browsers to ensure safe and pleasant use.
    • ・Windows: Microsoft Edge Latest edition, Mozilla Firefox Latest edition, Google Chrome Latest edition
    • ・Macintosh: Safari Latest edition, Google Chrome Latest edition
    • ・Smartphone: iPhone iOS 12.0 ~ later Safari Latest Edition, Andorid OS 8.0 ~ later Google Chrome Latest Edition
  • Social Media Policy

  • The attitudes and actions that will be strictly complied with on the official FAV HOTEL account are specified as follows.
    • Basic Policy
    • 1. In the use of social media, we shall comply with laws and regulations and the Company’s corporate purpose and philosophy, and as a right-minded member of society, we shall work to communicate with Users in accordance with sound social common sense.
    • 2. We understand that information sent via social media can be viewed by an unspecified yet large number of users, that information once sent cannot be completely deleted, and that the sent information can affect the evaluation of our company. When publishing, we shall take responsibility for the content and the responses, and avoid causing discomfort or misunderstandings. We shall also act responsibly to ensure user posts and remarks are taken seriously.
    • Precautions for publication
    • 1. Information published by the administrator on social media does not necessarily represent all the Company’s official announcements or interpretations.
    • 2. Official information publication is done on the Company website and news releases.
    • Moderation
    • Please note that in order to ensure our social media account can be viewed by a large number of unspecified people, posts and comments that fall under any of the following will be deleted.
    • - Posts or statements of a pornographic or discriminatory nature
    • - Posts or statements that attack, threaten, or defame any specific persons or organizations
    • - Posts or statements that are political activities, business activities, advertising, or solicitation by a third party
    • - Posts or statements in violation of the law or that encourage or suggest violations of the law
    • - Posts or statements unrelated to the Company
    • - Other posts or statements the Company deems inappropriate
  • Copyright

    • In regard to the various types of information posted on the Company website, Kasumigaseki Partners Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) retains all copyrights to designs, photographs, images, textual information and so on displayed or posted. Copying without permission is prohibited.
    • Customers wishing to use the Company logotype or other copyrights should contact the Company at the following address. Note that permission may not be granted, depending on the purpose of use.