Recommended points of FAV HOTEL TAKAYAMA

At FAV HOTEL, we want you to feel even more comfortable than you do at home, able to relax in a way unlike normal hotels. FAV HOTEL is a new type of hotel that is a “HOTEL Like HOME” where you can discover the values of the local area. Here are some of the attractions of FAV HOTEL TAKAMATSU.

Spacious guest rooms ideal for micro-tourism, allowing larger groups and longer stays.

With the concept “Good For Groups,” we offer spacious guest rooms that can accommodate up to six people, so that whether travelling with your family or in groups of four adults, you still won’t feel squeezed in our comfortable spaces. One of our biggest points is the cleverly-designed bunk beds in our main guest rooms. These are not just comfortable, but children love them. Just one of the ways in which FAV HOTEL stands out.

All rooms comes with a kitchen, washing machine, refrigerator, and microwave oven as standard.* By using a code number to unlock the door, we do away with the hassles of card keys. *
We offer an accommodation experience that is a “Hotel Like Home,” perfect for medium to long-term stays.

*Some rooms do not have kitchens or washing machine. Please contact us for details.

The Lounge offers the tastes of the local region
Dedicated staff will recommend dishes to go with your wishes at the bar counter where you can enjoy local sake from Hida Takayama. We also offer a range from snacks to a menu of favorites that bring out the taste of sake, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing time.

Gifu, Takayama, Nishinoisshikimachi, 2−169-1
Tel: +81(0577) 32 – 8885